Avatar Game

avatar game

What is Avatar Game?

Avatar Game is a running adventure game where you control your character to overcome all deadly obstacles and reach the epic land of Na'vi and Pandora. This online game belongs to the running genre combined with adventure. It aims to give players thrilling journeys like Jake Sully's real discoveries in the world of Na'vi.

Developer and release date

This running game is owned by avatargame2.com. It was released on web browsers to give players an online version of Avatar. All you need to do is access our website and start your journey. Besides, this online game comes out in 2023. This is the first version of its genre inspired by this Na'vi movie. This game will still have upgrades the next time. Let's conquer the challenges now while waiting for new developer announcements!

The inspiration sources of the game

The background and characters in this game are inspired by two famous movies which are the Avatar movie and the Avatar: The Way of Water movie. Specifically, the main character of this game is Jake Sully who is also the protagonist of these movies. Moreover, in this game, you will get an opportunity to explore three beautiful lands which are Na'vi Forest, Pandora Bay, and the Forest of Souls. They are famous locations in Avatar movies. Besides Avatar movies, the gameplay of this game is inspired by Geometry Dash which is a well-known running game. Therefore, this game has engaging gameplay which will certainly surprise you on the first try.

Avatar Game Online

Avatar Game Online is the online version that is playable on the web browser. Let's start your journey in three wonderful lands and watch out for dangers. Because this game can be accessed on both PC and mobile devices, you can play the game and start your adventure at any time and anywhere. All the lands in this game will amaze you because they are really wonderful. It is possible to say that the visuals of this game are awesome. Next, let's take a look at the gameplay of this game. It will put your patience and quick reflex to the test. Three levels in the game are full of interesting things that will impress you on the first try. Play the game and I guarantee that you will have an exciting playing experience.

Appealing gameplay of Avatar Game

Overcome dangers

In this game, you will transform into Jake Sully whose mission is to explore three lands. These lands are Na'vi Forest, Pandora Bay, and the Forest of Souls. These lands are super wonderful but hide many hazards. Therefore, your adventure will be dangerous. You must prepare well and practice your skills before jumping into this adventure. While traversing these lands, you will encounter various obstacles such as spikes, pits, and saw blades. If you are in robot form, you need to jump over these traps. If you are in the ship form, you need to fly up or down to avoid crashing into these hazards. For high walls, you must utilize yellow jump pads and jump rings to jump higher. In addition, cyan gravity pads along the way will help to invert your gravity at maximum velocity.

Go through portals

During the adventure, you will go through many portals. These portals will have effects on you. Here are four kinds of portals you will meet along the way.

Gather secret coins

Another task in this game is to pick up three secret coins in each land. These coins are anywhere, so you must look for them carefully and collect them. Now I will reveal their position at each level.

How to control

DESKTOP: Click the left mouse button or press the spacebar or an up arrow key to jump or fly up.

MOBILE: Touch the screen to jump or fly up.

Reasons you should play Avatar Game

Game modes

Before starting the adventure, you need to choose one of two game modes in the game. The first one is the Practice Mode which is suitable for new players. In this mode, you can place green gems along the way to set checkpoints. Thanks to these checkpoints, you do not need to return to the starting point after hitting the obstacles. You can remove these green gems if they cause inconvenience. Keep in mind that the checkpoints will be set automatically if you are in robot form. The second game mode in this game is the Normal Mode. There is no checkpoint in this mode, so you must start the adventure again right after colliding with the obstacles. When playing this mode, you must control the character skillfully to avoid all dangers along the way.

Levels and maps

There are three levels corresponding to three maps in this game. In each level, you will explore a different land and overcome a different obstacle series. Here is the list of levels you need to complete.

In a nutshell, Avatar Game is one of the best running games, so try it out to have moments of entertainment.