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Zombie Tsunami Online

Zombie Tsunami Online is an online zombie game about building your zombie army. Move from one location to another and turn all humans into zombies.

Expand the number of zombies

How to expand

The context of this zombie game puts you in the shoes of a zombie. You are trying to turn all humans into zombies like you while collecting as many coins as possible. When you transform humans into zombies, you become their leader. So how can you expand your zombie count? You move on the roads with many challenges such as vehicles, bombs, trash cans, and more. They are elements that can destroy you. You jump over them to overcome these difficulties. If you come across any human, your zombie will automatically open its sharp teeth to bite him. Humans that are bitten will be infected with the zombie virus and transform into a zombie. That way you can expand your zombie army.

How to control

This zombie game is supported on both desktop and mobile devices. When you play it on a desktop device, you left-click to let your zombie army jump. Hold the left mouse button if you want them to jump longer. Also, in case you play this game on mobile, you tap the screen for zombies to jump and hold the screen for zombies to jump longer. The way to control is quite similar to the Stickman Hook game. Let's try to play!

Tips and tricks

When playing Zombie Tsunami Online, you will come across many images that there are many people sitting in cars or in an airplane. You need to pay attention to the red numbers at the top of that car or plane. This number will tell you how many zombies you need to destroy it. For example, with a bus with the number 8, if your zombie army has at least 8 zombies then you can directly control your zombie army to destroy the car. In case, the army is not enough, avoiding the vehicle is the best choice.