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Zombie Catcher Online

Get ready to become a professional zombie hunter in the Zombie Catcher Online game. Catch all the running zombies and protect humans from infection.

The Context of Zombie Catcher Online

The world is infected with a strange disease and the infected people have turned into zombies just like in the movies. After a period of fighting, the epidemic situation was under control. People live and work as usual while scientists are trying to find a cure. A small mistake caused the zombies in the laboratory to escape. To prevent disaster from happening again, take your advanced weapons and capture them again.

How to catch zombies in the Zombie Catcher Online game

You own an amazing spaceship in this game. Drive it and use useful items like binoculars for aerial viewing. When you discover a zombie, catch it. You use the arrow buttons to move, jump over obstacles and reach zombies. When you are at a close but safe distance from the zombie, press the space bar to activate the weapon to capture the zombie.

The game offers the feature that you have to catch more and more zombies. To complete missions more easily, collect coins and upgrade weapons, movement speed, or jetpack speed. Wish you complete the mission and become the best zombie hunter.