Take part in the X-Trench Run game to experience the process of piloting an amazing spaceship. Are you ready to show off your mastery of control?

The game rules of the X-Trench Run game

In this game, you own a personal spaceship and take part in the test of your ability to fly. You will have to control the spaceship to fly high, left, right, or low to avoid obstacles. Besides, you also sometimes need to shoot to destroy the barrier so that the plane does not collide with it.

Like Slope Game, to be able to control the spaceship easily, you must know how to control it. The arrow keys and WASD will be the control buttons of the ship. The space bar or left mouse button will activate attack mode. Will you successfully pass this test? Don't worry if you don't get a good score the first time, practice by playing again and again to become a spaceship master.

Obstacles in X-Trench Run

This quiz presents a variety of obstacles to test your reaction ability. Here are some typical obstacles that you should be aware of.

  • The portals are located in different locations and appear frequently, making you not able to react in time. Focus on observing and controlling the spaceship through the gates accurately and in time.
  • The see-through walls have the effect of stopping you. Because you can see through walls, you often forget about the task of destroying them. If you don't destroy the walls, of course, your spaceship will collide with them.
  • There are robot attacks. These robots are pre-arranged on the flight path. They will shoot your spaceship when it's close to their location. Avoid the bullets and continue your journey.