Play Tunnel Rush to have the ultimate 3D single-player experience. Try to avoid all barriers in the color tunnel while running at the high speed.

Description of Tunnel Rush

The objective of the game

The playing rules of this game are quite similar to the Death Run 3D game. In specific, there is a light color tunnel that is designed with a lot of barriers. They have different shapes and colors. Your mission is to explore this tunnel by running in the tunnel at high speed and can't stop. Because you run at a very fast speed, if you hit the barriers, it is undoubted that you will die. Thus, in order to be able to go further, you must try your best not to collide.

The variety of the tunnel

This light tunnel is diverse in color and very eye-catching for players. It will change color over time. The further you go, the more you will experience things that other tunnels do not have. In addition, each time you restart the game, the tunnel also changes its color. This color change is fun but it is also considered a challenge for you to play this game. The combination of tunnel design and speed will make you quite dizzy. As a result, you don't react in time to avoid the barriers.

Common questions about Tunnel Rush

How long is the tunnel?

It is claimed that the tunnel has no ending point. Therefore, we cannot measure the length of the tunnel.

Who gets the highest score in the game?

According to some records, Eyal282, SunRaine, and Rezonated are the top 3 players ever with scores of 189000, 170000, and 80250 respectively.

Is the Tunnel Rush unblocked?

The answer is yes. This game can be played anywhere and on any device.