Truck Trials is a challenging driving game. By driving the truck through deathly barriers to reach the finish line, your driving skills will be put to the test.

Driving a truck in the Truck Trials game

There are many levels in this game where each level will be a challenging environment for you to test your truck driving ability. Specifically, there are many obstacles in each level such as broken cars blocking the road or dangerous slopes. Overcoming them, you can collect gold treasures on the way and reach the location that the game requires.

Another special feature of this game is that the game offers a lot of different types of trucks. Each truck has its own characteristics and many levels. Complete the levels of the first truck to unlock other trucks and start another exciting journey.

Notes that you need to know

Driving a slow moving truck is your advice. When the truck moves slowly, the probability that it can reach the destination is higher because it will not overturn when colliding with other obstacles. Use the up arrow key and down arrow key to control the truck moving forward and backward. Besides, you can completely raise the front and rear of the car by pressing the right and left arrow keys.