Get ready to drive in Traffic Tour

Welcome to high-speed car races in the Traffic Tour game. Let's hold the steering wheel firmly and show off your driving skills to become a champion.

The mission of Traffic Tour

Like other racing games such as Moon City Stunt, you control a car moving on the highway. This car that you control will move at an increasingly faster speed. At the same time, there are many other types of cars also moving on this highway. Your task is to navigate your car so that it does not collide with other traffic. Crashes that occur will cause your journey to your destination to fail.

A variety of cars

You start this game with an enemy car. However, this driving game offers different types of cars with different advantages. Each vehicle has parameters for top speed, handling, brakes, nitro, power, and acceleration at the bottom of the screen. You look at the parameters and 3D images of those cars and choose for yourself a suitable car. However, this feature is only accessible when you level up or have enough money to unlock them.

Features of the Traffic Tour game

  • Control the car simply with arrow keys
  • Many different types of vehicles to open and experience
  • Track map available
  • Various levels and maps with different challenges
  • Suitable for players of all ages
  • Full-screen mode is available
  • The feature to change the color of the car is available