Some features of TicTacToe

Bonding with friends in the TicTacToe game. In the game, you and your opponent will alternately hit X and O into a 3x3 grid until a winner is found.

It is the same as Sudoku Daily, TicTacToe is also a puzzle game. However, in this game, you and your opponent will take turns typing the letters X and O. Before playing you will have the right to choose the letter you want, you can choose X or O. After After selecting the letter you want, you will start playing by placing your letter anywhere on the grid 3x3. Are you ready for endless entertainment moments with friends? Access Avatar Game to play this wonderful game.

Play TicTacToe

How to win your opponents

You and your opponent will take turns placing letters in a 3x3 grid. When you play your letter, your opponent will hit a letter to block. This game will not end until a winner is found. The winner is the person who creates a line containing 3 letters of the same type. When the 3x3 grid has no space for you to place your letters, it will reset and you can continue playing. You should remember while blocking the opponent you also have to create an advantage for yourself because this game only cares about the winner. Invite your friends and also have fun in this game.

Tips and tricks

The one who goes first is always the one who has the advantage, you should put your letter in the middle to have many directions. When you place a piece in the middle, you can place the next letter anywhere on the map.

While blocking your opponent, you should also place the letters in a position that benefits you. You should also create double moves so that the opponent cannot defend.