Description of Tap Tap Shots

Playing basketball is popular among young people. This subject requires accurate throwing skills, not to mention the conditions of the field and the teammates to play with. However, now, thanks to Tap Tap Shots, those interested in the sport can play basketball online.

Tap Tap Shots' Gameplay

This is a basketball simulation game with a pretty unique look. Instead of like normal basketball games, players when coming to Tap Tap Shots can sit still, use the mouse and throw the ball into the basket with different positions. In addition, for those who are passionate about sports, besides this game, Basketball Master 2 is also a game worth trying.

Tips to get high score in Tap Tap Shots

To be able to get points in this game, the only way you can do is to score. The more you hit the ball, the higher the score you will get. In addition, when you repeatedly hit the basket without touching the basket wall, you can create a special ball that gives more points. You should remember that, for each time the ball is thrown into the basket, you will get 1 point, but every time the ball hits the basket without touching the basket, you will get 2 points.

Some notes for gamers in Tap Tap Shots

How to control

Click the mouse to control the ball.

Note the time in Tap Tap Shots

This game gives the user a time bar. Its effect is to let you know how much time you can use to finish scoring. In Tap Tap Shots, with each change in the position of the basket, you only have a certain amount of time to score. If the allotted time runs out and you are unable to complete the challenge, you will lose and over the game.