Collect gems on the way

Welcome to Tap Tap Dash which is a popular arcade game by JOX Development LLC. You navigate a bird moving on a track so that it doesn't fall into the water.

Tap Tap Dash is designed with a path above the water. This path has a lot of broken and misaligned positions. Also, there are a lot of gems on that path. Your task is to guide a bird to move on that path so that the bird does not fall into the water. You will stop the game if the bird falls into the water. In addition, the farther your bird moves, the more gems you will collect along the way. Your score is calculated by the number of gems you collect in this game. Get as many gems as you can.

To help the bird which travels as far as possible, your reflexes are an important factor. React quickly and in time to control the bird to jump over broken lines or navigate the direction of the bird along the path's direction. Tap the screen hoặc click the left mouse button to control your bird to jump or change direction.

Features of the Tap Tap Dash game

  • This arcade game belongs to the tap game genre with easy gameplay like Tap Tap Shots.
  • There is no limit to the players of this game as it does not have any limiting factors.
  • 144 maps correspond to 144 levels of this game.
  • Nice and simple graphics with great sound effects.