Tall Man Evolution is a parkour game in which you control a stickman to be as high and wide as possible. Killing robots at the end of each level is your goal.

Defeat the robot at the end of each level

This exciting parkour game offers players exciting gameplay. You have the task of controlling a stickman to run through a track in the air and then destroy the robot at the end of this track. To be able to accomplish this goal, your stickman character must go through the portals on the track so that your character gets as high and wide as possible. Choose wisely to achieve your goals. The taller and wider your character is, the greater the chance of success.

Along the way, you'll also encounter obstacles and trap options. When you collide with them, your stickman character's height or width will decrease. Therefore, you need to react promptly to avoid them. Use the mouse to drag your stickman character to move.

Stickman characters in the game

As you know, your character will be a stickman in this game. However, you can change your character to other stick people to play. For example, you can change the default yellow stickman character to a blue stickman, or a purple stickman wearing a hat. There are many different stickman characters you can experience. However, the condition for you to be able to use those stick people is that you have to unlock them. Use the diamonds you earn in the game and visit the Shop section to unlock your favorite Stickman character.