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Subway Surfers New Orleans

Jake's new adventures

Explore New Orleans

Join in a new journey in the Subway Surfers New Orleans game. This naughty boy is being chased by a tough officer, play and help him escape.

New Orleans is a famous city in Louisiana, this is a land of rich cultural identity. New Orleans is a place where graffiti artists thrive. Now, Jake has also had the opportunity to come to the land that he admires. However, while exploring this city, Jake got into some trouble and he needs your help. Join on this journey and discover the vibrant city of New Orleans.

Dramatic chase in the subway

While drawing Graffiti in the subway in New Orleans, Jake was caught by a strict policeman. Drawing graffiti in the subway is not allowed, so Jake is being chased by this policeman. You must help Jake escape from the policeman. While running, Jake also encountered obstacles suck as trains and barriers in the train station. You must not let Jake fall if you don't want to be caught. Will Jake be able to escape this cop? Let's play and continue this dramatic journey.

How to help Jake escape from the officer

To escape from the policeman you need to have flexible skills and good reflexes. The trains will rush to you at a fast speed, so you need to avoid them quickly. You need to slide or jump to pass the barriers. While running, you can also collect some power-ups to be able to run away more easily. Some power-ups you can buy, others you can pick up on the run track. Take advantage of these power-ups and make this chase endless.

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How to control

  • Use the right and left arrows to steer right or left
  • Press the up arrow to jump
  • Use the down arrow to slide