Swing with Stickman Hook

Are you looking for a fun game to kill time and relieve stress anytime and anywhere? Visit Stickman Hook and you won't regret your choice!

Complete your duty in Stickman Hook

Game Stickman Hook tells the story of stickman and ropes. Like Spider-man, the stickman has the ability to launch ropes like spider silk, hook into rings and swing to move. Pay attention to the cushions, they will help the stickman bounce to a higher position, very convenient for swinging and continuing this exciting adventure! You will complete the level when your stickman can reach the finish line and receive a warm cheer.


  • Tap to hook the rope and make jumps like a sports athlete.
  • Tap the screen to launch the rope and release your hand to jump.
  • Avoid all obstacles on the way.
  • Swing from hook to hook and conquer every level.

Take advantage of the supports in Stickman Hook

Buttons and mattress

The Stickman Hook game has dozens of levels and each level is a different challenge. In each level, you will see pads and circular dots. The mattress will help the stickman bounce up high when it hits, then choose the opportunity to launch the hook thread to the nearest circular point, creating momentum to throw people far away.

Graphics in Stickman Hook

Graphically, Stickman Hook has a super simple shape with a one-color background, a stickman, a mattress and a round point. However, with attractive gameplay, the game does not create monotony but is also attractive and addictive. The game also provides gamers with beautiful skins as you unlock higher levels of the game. When it comes to the game's graphics, it's definitely worth mentioning Avatar Game. This is a game that not only has beautiful graphics but also great gameplay.