Play Stabfish.io and experience a truly big fish-eat-small fish game. Consuming other fish to become the biggest fish in this game is your goal.

How the Stabfish.io game works

In this game, you will play the role of a fish living in a deadly environment. Your task is to live as long as possible and consume as much other fish as possible. Use the mouse to control your fish and start your hunting journey.

In this survival environment, there are many energy particles and other fishes or other online players in another word. As for the energetic particles, you can consume them without any worries. However, in order to consume other fish, you must kill them first. Using your weapon to attack other fish from behind is the best way. When you consume them, your fish will get bigger and stronger. Are you ready for your playing?

Great features of Stabfish.io


There are many players from different cultures participating in this survival game. Therefore, you must come up with smart strategies to be able to consume other fish while avoiding their attacks.

Fish character

Your fish character is equipped with a weapon at the head of the fish. Thanks to this weapon, you can easily destroy other fish. You can change your fish weapon in the Menu section. In addition, you also change the mask and hat for your fish in this section. Be the most dangerous predator in the ocean.