Knock down obstacles in Spiral Roll

Spiral Roll gives players an exciting woodworking experience in a whole new way. Create formidable spirals to knock down all the obstacles and get a high score.

What do you need to do?

Use a sharp gouge to pare the wood into spirals of wood chips. These spirals will roll and collide with the obstacles on the road. When the collision happens, the obstacles will fall and you can keep moving. In case you are unable to knock down the obstacles, the sharp gouge will collide with them, and cannot move anymore. As a result, the game will stop here.

The barriers in the game are diverse and located in irregular positions. Therefore, it is important to be able to accurately calculate the distance and size of the spiral so that it can knock over obstacles. The obstacles are close, you may only need a small spiral. Or for distant obstructions, you may need a large spiral.


You only need to make a single control to play this game. That's to hold the left mouse button to start using a sharp gouge and pare. If you do not perform this action anymore, release the left mouse button to return the sharp gouge to its original position.

Move on to the next level

Like Tap Tap Shots, players who successfully achieve the goal of a level will be able to move on to the next level. Of course, your next experience in this game will be a more difficult and challenging experience than the first. Obstacles such as chainsaws and other obstacles will appear more and more unpredictable. Accompanying that is the rise of gold coins. You will get more gold coins as you level. Have a great time!