Welcome to the classic game called Snake Game where growing your snake character into the biggest snake by eating apples is your daily task.

Eat apples to develop

You and many other players entering this game will transform into snakes of the same size but with different colors. Once in the play area, all players have a common goal of helping their snake grow by eating apples. Therefore, players can see images of snakes moving around the area in search of apples and eating them. Of course, you are also one of them as you are also working to navigate your snake-eating red apples. Each time you eat an apple, the length of the snake will be longer than its original size. The more apples your snake consumes, the longer it will last.

Things to keep in mind to survive as long as possible

There are bombs, poisons, and other harmful items appearing near the location of the apples. Their appearance is also quite similar to the shape of an apple. When your snake, unfortunately, absorbs them, the game is over. Therefore, you need to focus to help your snake stay away from those harmful things.

If your snake hits other snakes, your snake will die and the game is over. Pay attention to avoid any collision. Survive as long as possible while at the same time becoming more and more powerful. You will become a special player when you are named in the ranking of the best players with the highest score.