Slope Run is proud to be one of the most popular slope-running games. Make your name on the leaderboard by becoming the player with the highest score.

Design and mission of the game Slope Run

A tube with lots of holes appeared in the galaxy. In that tube, there is a ball, a lot of gold coins, and boxes that change color. Your task is to control that ball rolling and running in that tube to explore the galaxy. Also, you have to collect the coins as much as you can. The leaderboard of this game is waiting for new names, especially you.

How to get a high score in the Slope Run game

The condition for the ball to be able to run around in the tube is that it is not allowed to fall into the holes. Once the ball falls into the holes, it will fall out of the tube and the game is over. The farther the ball runs, the more points you will get. In addition, the number of gold coins that you collect during the run is also a factor affecting your rankings. Control the ball to run, jump, and roll left and right with the up, left, and right arrow keys.

An interesting point of this game that other slop running games like Slope Game and Slope 3 do not have is that you can change the color of the ball. If you control your ball to move to the position of the colored platforms in the tube, the color of the ball will change according to the color of that platform. Experience different colors in this game!