About Slope 2

Controlling a ball running at high speed in the Slope 2 game is a great way to relax and entertain yourself. Discover the great things about this game.

Interesting points of the game Slope 2

This game belongs to the genre of running games and has simple but challenging gameplay of the slope series like Slope Game and Slope Run. A narrow and broken slope in the air seemed to have no end. It is decorated with beautiful and glowing Neon lights. On both sides of the slope are tall skyscrapers. Your task is to control a ball rolling on that slope so that it does not fall off the slope. Explore the slope and find the end of the slope. Can you do this quest? The farther your ball moves, the more points you get. Your score will be announced at the end of the game and if you get a high score you will have a chance to get your name on the list of the best players.

How to control the ball

The arrow keys on your computer keyboard are used to control the ball to move left, right, and jump. If you play Slope 2 on mobile, you slide the ball in different directions on the touch screen.

Player comments

Slope attracts thousands of players every day. They found that this game can increase the player's reaction speed. This is also one of the benefits of this game besides helping people relax. In addition, they gain a fun experience as the ball runs at a fast speed on the neon slope which can make you feel like you are playing a roller coaster game at the park.