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Skill Games: Knife Hit

Skill Games: Knife Hit is a skill game in which you are responsible for throwing knives at a round wooden board so that this wooden board is broken.

How the game works

There is a rotating wooden board in the center of the screen. Your task is to break that round wooden board. Use the knife to pin consecutively into the wooden board. These knives will create a pressure that causes the wood to break. In addition, there are apples on the wooden board. You will get many points and good rating if you can hit the apple. After the wooden board breaks, you will unlock the next level which is more challenging and harder to conquer. One point that you need to keep in mind during the game is that you will lose if the next knife collides with the previous knives. Start showing off your knife throwing skills and conquer the game.

Unlock new knives

The game offers sharper knives. However, you must unlock it or buy it in the shopping cart. These new knives can break logs faster. Gain lots of points and start showing off your skills. Left click consecutively to throw your sharp knives. Good luck!