Ready to help young Fred escape the pursuit of death in the game Skiing Fred. In this game, you have to ski fast and avoid all obstacles on the way.

It's time to ski with Fred

The Context of Skiing Fred

It's time to test your ski skills. Are you ready to practice and show your talent in this ski sport? Little Fred is practicing his ski skills on a snow top. Unfortunately, death wants to kill the Fed. Therefore, help Fred escape the death scythe of death by controlling Fred to ski quickly. Avoid all the hurdles and obstacles like roadblocks, snowballs, meteors, penguins, and more on the way. An exciting journey is waiting for you. You will win or die under the death scythe of the god of death. The answer will be answered when you play this game. Besides, you can practice avoiding obstacles in Avatar Game before rescuing Fred.

How to control

Instruct Fred to ski left or right to avoid obstacles. Press the left or right arrow key to perform this action.

Tips to play

The game offers berries on the way. These berries have the effect of helping you revive when you collide with obstacles. Therefore, you are encouraged to collect these berries. Besides, gold coins are also something that you should collect because they can help you buy characters, equipment, boosters, and new worlds in the shop.