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About Skate Hooligans

Open up a great adventure in Skate Hooligans. You will play the role of a naughty boy being chased by a policeman. Run and escape from the policeman.

While playing football, Max broke the neighbor's glass. Now, he is suffering the wrath of the policeman and being chased. Your task in this game is to help him escape the pursuit of the policeman. If you have already played Subway Surfers New Orleans, then I believe you can easily overcome this challenge. Let's play and rescue this boy.

Choose your character

Collect money on the go to buy yourself cute characters of the game. Each character will have a different price and design.

  • Max is a naughty boy who loves to play soccer.
  • Kitty is a cute girl with a blue dress.
  • Katsudo is a ninja with super running ability.
  • Travis is a rock musician.

Play Skate Hooligans

How to escape from the chase

To escape from the chase, you must run fast. Meanwhile, you also must not let yourself fall by the obstacles. You use the arrow keys to control your character to jump over cars and barriers. You cannot let yourself fall or you will be caught immediately. In addition, you can also use some power-ups to play this game better. For example. The magnet will help you attract more coins to buy skin. First-aid-kit helps you stand up immediately from the accident. You can buy or pick up these power-ups while running.

How to control

  • Up arrow to jump
  • Right or left arrow to steer left and right
  • Down arrow to slide

Write your name on the leaderboard

This game will calculate points for the distance you travel. The highest scores will be saved and displayed on the leaderboard. Would you be honored to appear on this ranking? Let's play and go far.