Join Short Ride of the developer GameTornado to have great moments even when you are alone or with friends. Survive and ride the bike as far as possible.

Cycle to the end of the map for a level

How to play

You play the role of a man who needs to get out immediately in this game. You will use your bike to travel to the destination. However, the journey to the requested location is very difficult when there are many deadly obstacles. Up and down slopes can cause you to lose your brakes and rollover. Wooden crates or poles block the way. Even giant razors can cut everything and a moving tree can crush anything. Can you overcome all these obstacles and reach the finish line?

How to control

  • Press the space bar to get on or get off the bike.
  • Press the right arrow key to cycle forward.
  • Press the left arrow key to cycle backward.
  • Release the keys to stop cycling.

It's different from the Geometry Dash Lite game as the character in this game can be stopped. Therefore, you need to flexibly adjust forward, backward, and stop to be able to overcome the challenges.

Conquer 20 levels in the Short Ride game

There are all up to 20 levels in the game Short Ride. Unlock the following levels by completing the quest in the previous level. Later levels will contain more deadly obstacles and they are also more diverse. Let's see if you can conquer all of them. In addition, only if you have lost too much blood leading to death, you will not be able to continue the game. If you just fall, you can completely get up and continue your cycling journey. Good luck!