Shadow Fight is an exciting fighting game where you transform into a shadow fighter. Get ready to participate in 3 rounds of battle and become the winner.

Be the winner in Shadow Fight

The game rules of this fighting game are very simple. As a shadow warrior, you will fight with a default computer character or fight with your friends on the same playing device. After selecting the game mode, click the Play icon and fight immediately. To decide who is the winner, you have to participate in 3 rounds. Whoever gets two points first will be the winner.

So how to know who is the scorer of a round? Each character will have an HP bar that represents that character's health status. The player's HP bar is empty first, and that player loses. Therefore, you should pay attention to your HP bar during playing. Finally, after being the best shadow fighter in this game, let's enter the Age of War game to enjoy other battles.

Instruction to control

Blue Player

The blue player uses the WASD keys to perform forward, backward, and jump movements. Attack your opponent with punches and kicks. To punch, press F. To kick, press G.

Orange Player

The blue player uses the arrow keys to perform forward, backward, and jump movements. In addition, players press K and L to perform punches and kicks.