The running game named Run 3 lets you explore the galaxy by controlling an alien running on a tube. Let's see how many parts of this galaxy you can explore.

Run to explore the galaxy

Maybe you have known, this game belongs to the running game like Slope 3. In this Run 3 game, the provided tube connects the massive stars and planets in the galaxy. You can fulfill your galaxy exploration mission by exploring each star and planet through this tube. However, moving on this tube is also a difficult problem.

This tube is made up of platforms. These platforms have cracked and broken and only a few solid platforms remain. The further you go, the more degraded these tubes will be. Therefore, it is very easy for you to fall into the air if you run into a dangerous area. Your galactic exploration will be halted if you fall through the air. Try to avoid dangerous platforms or where there are no platforms to be able to go further in this game.

Galaxy Map

You can see the Galaxy Map entry as soon as you access this game. Galaxy Map is a map in which major stars and planets are represented by dots. When you move to a certain dot, the game will notify you to pass a level. At the start, this map is pretty empty. However, as you progress in the game, you will unlock more stars and planets. Your Galaxy map will also gradually improve.

Game modes of Run 3

Explore mode and Infinite mode are the two modes available in this running game. Explore mode is divided into levels and you will pass each level 1. When your character dies at any level, it can start again at that level. Infinite mode doesn't have any levels. You can help your alien character run as far as possible.