Description of Rooftop Snipers

Get ready to jump and shoot in the weird shooting game Rooftop Snipers. Jump to move and dodge your opponent's attacks while killing your opponent with the gun.


This game was developed by New Eich Games in 2017, which is also the developer of the Getaway Shootout game. This game has suddenly resurfaced at the present time and is storming in the ranking of the most interesting two-player games.

Eliminate your opponent

Rooftop Snipers is about the survival battles of two players: you and your friend or you and the computer. Your task is to control your character to use the gun to destroy the only opponent. In the process of you trying to destroy your opponent, he is also trying to destroy you with his gun. Therefore, you need to pay attention to avoid the deadly bullets from the enemy.

The character's control

This 2D shooting game has fun and engaging gameplay. In addition, controlling the character has a limited element when jumping is the only move that your character can perform. Although it is the difficult factor of this game, it is what makes the game stand out.

  • The first player uses W to jump and E to shoot.
  • Player 2 uses I and O to perform the same controls.