Roller Baller presents exciting challenges for you as your task is to bring the globe ball to the finish line. How long does it take you to complete the quest?

Developer and release date

The games of rolling or running a ball like Slope 2 or Slope Run have become so familiar to everyone and have always been the most loved game genre. Roller Baller is a new game launched on March 30, 2020, by developer Bartlomeij Lakuta which is also one of the famous games in this genre. In particular, this game that has become more and more popular recently is becoming a trending game.

Missions and controls

Mission to control the globe to the destination

This rollerball game is designed to include two main parts, a globe and a roller track in the air. The track is made up of different platforms lined up in a straight line leading to the required safe location. There are different gaps between platforms and the spacing of those gaps is different. Your task is to control the rolling globe and jump over those gaps to reach the destination. Based on the platforms for support, jump and reach the finish line safely. There are many levels and the rolling tracks at those levels will become increasingly difficult. Conquer them all!

Instruction to control

  • Press the arrow keys or WASD to move.
  • Press Space to jump.