Description of Rocket Soccer Derby

Rocket Soccer Derby is a thrilling soccer sports game since the character you control to kick the ball is a car. With this fresh design, let's see how many points you can score.

The mission

A normal football match will have 2 teams and each team will have many members. However, football matches at Rocket Soccer Derby have an interesting difference. Players will control a car instead of controlling a simulator character to kick the ball. The goal of this game is similar to other normal football games as you try to score points by kicking the ball into the goal. The player who scores first will be the winner.

Challenges in this sports game

Playing this game, you will have to show off your car control skills while trying to kick the ball into the goal. In addition, you also encounter the attack of other cars or other players in other words. Specifically, when you are about to reach the position of the ball, other players can control their car to collide with your car. The goal is so that you cannot control the direction of the ball. However, you can also perform the same behavior to discourage other players.

Great features of Rocket Soccer Derby

  • Visit the Garage section to adjust the body, paint jobs, and effects features of your car.
  • You gain achievements while playing this game and then level up.
  • The car Shop section offers many different cars with interesting features. Unlock them by finishing the level. For example, you can experience a D-team car when you reach level 15 or a Lada when you reach level 22.
  • Adjust master volume, music volume, limit frame, and more easily by visiting the Options section.