Road Climb Racer is an exciting multi-level racing game that has been loved by many players lately. Be the first to conquer all the dangerous roads.

Drive a car on dangerous roads and collect coins

Are you ready for challenging races in the Road Climb Racer game? Choose your favorite car and start conquering each road at each level. Compete against two other players in the game to see who is safe to the finish line first. The roads in this game are all designed with traps, obstacles, and challenges like in Rodeo Stampede: Sky Zoo Safari to test your abilities. There are 15 paths corresponding to 15 levels in all in this game. The road behind will be more dangerous than the road ahead. Start your exciting journey by using the arrow key. Don't forget to collect coins to upgrade your car.

Upgrade the car by buying useful items at the shop

Upgrading your car is a great way to conquer the road more easily. Speed, Jump, Armor, and Accel are items that you can buy in the store. Use the gold coins that you have earned during the game to make this exchange. In addition, you can also change your car to your liking. There are three types of vehicles available for you to experience at any time.