Pink Running Pig is a fun game in which you try to control a pink pig running away from the butcher. Don't get caught or the pink pig will die.

Run to escape in the Pink Running Pig game

In this game, the pigs on the farm were sold to the butcher. Today, the butcher has come to catch a pig to kill and sell. That big fat pink pig ran away to get out of that dangerous situation. Are you ready to help the pig run away from there?

Control the pig to run as fast as possible and overcome obstacles on the way such as haystacks, crates, and many other obstacles. These obstacles will slow down the pig's running speed. As a result, the butcher can run and catch your pink pig. In addition, the coins on the road can help you overcome the obstacles more easily. That's why you are encouraged to collect as many gold coins as possible in this game.

Tips to win

You left click to let the cute pig jump over the obstacles and collect the coins from above. Besides, you can jump on spring plates so that your pig can jump higher. Especially, when the butcher is about to catch up with you, you should focus to avoid obstacles and run fast. You can also jump to avoid the butcher's hand.