Open a restaurant in Papa's Pancakeria

Would you like to open your own burger? Play Papa's Pancakeria game and join the burger production and serving chain. Play and create the best restaurant.

Welcome to Papa's Pancakeria game, it's the sequel to Papa's Freezeria. In this game, you will be directly involved in the baking process of food production. You will experience the feeling of managing a restaurant independently. You are involved in all processes from making food to serving. Play and create the best dishes for customers.

How to control: Use the keys and the mouse to control.

Stages of service in restaurants

Order Station

Customers will enter the pizzeria and place their pizza orders. Take your order by pressing the green button in the upper right corner. Customers' needs should be heard and noted. While accepting orders, consider aspects such as topping, layout, baking time, and amount of servings. The consumer will expressly request all of these. Customers that have many demands at the same time should be given special attention.

Topping Station

You place topping according to information in the ordering process. Kindly adhere to the customer's request. Don't worry if you can't recall the names of the toppings. The order form will display all basic information.

Baking Station

The next critical stage is baking. You must also adhere to the client's schedule constraints. You can't bake for too long or too fast. Look for the clock indicator at the bottom of the order. The sooner you complete baking, the more happy your clients will be.

Cutting Station

You cut the pizza to your customer's specifications. Also, having all of the pizza slices the same size is the ideal method to cut a pizza. The first time you cut a pizza might be difficult. You can practice by cutting many other customers’ orders.