Ice cream shop in Papa's Freezeria

Make ice cream sundaes in Papa's Freezeria to serve to the customers who come to your store. Follow what they order and get lots of coins.

Your work in Papa's Freezeria

Your ice cream parlor has a great location to attract customers near the beach. Your work will be busier and busier as more and more tourists come to the island and stop by the shop to enjoy your ice cream treats. In Papa's Freezeria, go to the Order area to take orders from customers waiting in line. Switch to the Build area to get ice cream and other combinations for each ice cream sundae. Jump to the Mix area to mix all the ingredients together until you get the right mix. Finally, head to the Top area to add whipped cream and toppings before serving sundae to discerning guests.

How to control

Use the mouse to control.

Some things you should know when experiencing Papa's Freezeria

Satisfy the customers

The key to growing your store is to keep your customers happy. Thanks to that, you will earn points and upgrade. Level up, you will unlock many new toppings for the shop and new customers will start visiting Freezeria more. You'll get an extra tip for every perfectly crafted ice cream sundae. The money earned can be used to upgrade and decorate the queue area. By the way, if you are interested in challenging games, Avatar Game is for you.

Use the resources in the store wisely

Your ice cream shop is fully equipped to make the most appealing ice cream possible. Order Station is the area where customers come and place orders from you. Build Station is where you will process ice cream dishes according to the customer's request. There is also the Mix Station, where this machine will help you mix the ingredients to create the perfect ice cream. Don't forget, decorate more ingredients such as cherry, chocolate, strawberry, and cake according to the customer's request.