N Game belongs to the list of the most difficult games. Control a small character to collect gold coins while trying to escape the pursuit of modern weapons.

Your missions in the game

Collect gold coins

The game offers many areas containing a lot of gold coins. These gold coins are designed in hard-to-get locations. This is also the challenge of this game for you when your goal is to own all that gold. You will have to move, run, and jump from place to place to collect gold coins.

Overcome the attacks of the modern weapons

As you progress in the game, the difficulty of the game will gradually increase with the appearance of modern weapons. These weapons are supposed to destroy you and they will move with you. How to be safe and complete the mission before the onslaught of that weapon? Play and gain experience.

How to control

  • Press Z to control your character to jump
  • The left and right arrow keys will help your character move left and right.

Features of N Game

  • Single-player
  • There is an introduction video when you access the game
  • Simple game but a challenge game
  • Full-screen mode
  • Suitable for all players, even kids