Moto X3M allows you to experience challenging high-speed motocross races with thousands of dangerous obstacles. Keep yourself and your bike safe and on target.

Race to get the destination in Moto X3M

The playing rules of this Racing Moto X3M game are very simple. The game offers a race track consisting of many stages. Each leg is level. Each level is designed with many different traps and challenges that require you to overcome. Some of the common challenges that you often encounter in this game are death ramps, chainsaws, barbed wire fences, and more. You are a moto racer and are participating in the journey to conquer this race track. Keep your moto and your rider safe until you reach the finish line.

In case the car overturns or falls, your game is over. However, this game is not limited to play times. Where you fail, get up there. Conquer all the challenges you face. In addition, your passion for speed will become even greater when you join the speed game called Tunnel Rush.

Characters and motos you can choose from

  • A normal racer: An orange racer and an orange moto are what you experience at the start of the game. This is the default character of this racing game so you don't need to lose anything to unlock it.
  • A ninja: A ninja with a cool and modern moto bike is the 2nd character that you can experience in this game. To unlock this character and moto, you need 15 stars.
  • A skull man: This scary but cool character is the 3rd character. This character has a fiery skull and wears cool clothes. Of course, we can't forget his motorcycle either. Use 40 stars to unlock it.