It's time to drive a racing car to reach the moon in the Moon City Stunt game. Show your driving skills to speed up on the roads leading to the moon.

Reaching the moon in Moon City Stunt

This driving game offers a challenge to the racers. There is a highway in the air that connects the earth to the moon. Only experienced riders can successfully set foot on the moon via this highway. Are you ready to conquer this highway? Only the truly brave can achieve this goal because this highway is also known as the most dangerous path.

You will start driving your racing car from the starting point of the road on the earth. Cross the slopes or break the road to the moon. There are no barriers on either side of the highway, so it's easy for your car to fall down the air. Of course, there are many levels in the game and they all become increasingly difficult to conquer. Good luck!

Great features in the driving game

  • Players can customize to play one or two players. Besides, different environments including Racing, Free Driving, and More Stunts are also available for you to choose from.
  • There are many different vehicles in the game. You can choose freely, but some require you to unlock them in order to use them.