Manage your supermarket in Monkey Mart

What will your supermarket sell?

Welcome to Monkey Mart's most popular supermarket in town! This is where you will work and become the manager of the supermarket. The business of the supermarket will depend on you, are you ready for your job?

The supermarket in Monkey Mart is very special, this is a place that only provides food for little monkeys. For that reason, the products in supermarkets are mainly agricultural products. Even your task is to grow and harvest agricultural products right in your supermarket. Players will start the game by planting and selling bananas, after that, you can develop your items with many others. If you are interested in challenging running games, Avatar Game might suit your taste.

Grow your supermarket

Initially, your supermarket only had a few customers, but some strange motivation pushed you to take action for yourself and for the whole town. The number of customers is increasing day by day. Therefore, you need to maintain operations and upgrade the supermarket to meet customer expectations, from which the business will go smoothly. Not only a business, Monkey Mart also opens up a colorful life in a small town. Your convenience store will soon become the heart of town, where people come to shop, and interact with a smiling face.

What makes Monkey Mart be more attractive

Recruit staffs for your supermarket

Once you have expanded your supermarket and the number of customers coming to your supermarket is also larger, surely the amount of work in your supermarket will also increase a lot. Therefore, hiring more staff to help you complete the tasks in the store is necessary. In Monkey Mart, use cash earned through selling products to hire more salesmen and cashiers for your supermarket. Also, don't forget to upgrade to increase the productivity and efficiency of these monkey staff..

Control guide

Use the arrow keys to control.