Play and train your brain

Have fun in Magical Jigsaw

Play the Magical Jigsaw game and train your memorization. Your task in this game is to arrange the small pieces to form a complete picture.

Magical Jigsaw is a puzzle game with interesting pictures. Many interesting pictures have been cut into many small pieces. You need to collect small pieces of the picture to form a complete picture. This game has tons of interesting pictures for you to choose from in the main menu of the game. Choose the picture you like best and conquer the game.

After you choose the picture you want, use the mouse to put the pieces together. You can choose the difficulty of the game by choosing the number of pieces and the spin mode. However, if you are just a new player, choose the lowest mode with 35 pieces.

Suggestion: Monkey Mart.

Control: Use the mouse to arrange.

Why Magical Jigsaw helps you train your brain?

To arrange the correct position of the puzzle pieces you only have 2 ways. The first way is to remember the picture then you link the positions of the puzzle pieces. The second way is that you connect the joints of the puzzle pieces, but this method requires logical thinking and experience. Both of these ways require your brain to work fully to find the right position for each puzzle piece. Therefore, it can train your brain.

Some tips

  • You should remember the details in the picture to easily find the position of the puzzle pieces.
  • You arrange the puzzle pieces in order from the edge. After you arrange the edges of the picture, you will be able to imagine the composition of the whole picture and continue to put together other details.
  • You should start with easy mode to get used to the mechanics of the game.