The ultimate information of the I Want It All game

The I Want It All game is a fun online game where you try to use a paddle and a ball to destroy all bricks in the platform. Do not let the ball hit the laser.

The design and mission of the game

In this game, there is a special background that contains a lot of bricks, a ball, and a paddle. In addition, the platform has a laser beam that will destroy anything that collides with it except the paddle. The game gives you the challenge to destroy all bricks with a ball and a paddle. This is also your main goal.

How to complete the mission

You will use the paddle to hit the ball on the bricks to destroy them. When the ball hits any brick, that brick will be broken. After that, the balloon will probably hit the wall and roll back. You must be careful to use the paddle to keep hitting the ball. In particular, you are not allowed to let the ball collide with the laser beam. If this happens, the ball will be destroyed and you will not have any tools to continue the task. There are 3 chances for you to win the game. If the ball is destroyed more than 3 times, the game is over. Anyway, if you like this game, TicTacToe may be a game that you like.

Power-ups of the I Want It All game

This game offers 6 power-ups that will help you easily win challenges at higher levels.

  • Scale: This power-up will upgrade your paddle to make it bigger.
  • Simultaneity: You will control two balls to destroy bricks faster if using this power-up.
  • Power: Your paddle will feature lasers.
  • Future Shield: You can prevent losing temporarily.
  • Battle-Ready: Your ball features a brick pass.
  • Personalization: Neon lights will make the game more eye-catching and interesting.