Hyper Neon Ball is a new ball game developed by RHM Interactive OU. Your goal is to throw the ball over the obstacles so that it lands in the trash.

The gameplay of Hyper Neon Ball

The game offers a scene in which there is a ball and a trash can hidden behind obstacles such as walls or many other things. The requirement of this game is that you have to put this ball into the other sprinkler. By clicking on the ball and swiping it so that the ball can jump up. Control the direction of the ball flexibly and intelligently so that it can enter the trash in one control. You will get a high rating if you complete the goal as quickly as possible.

When hitting a hard object such as a wall or an obstacle, the ball can bounce back in your direction or any other direction. However, the direction of the ball is completely designed to resemble the physical properties of an ordinary ball. Use your knowledge to complete the task.

Attractive features of Hyper Neon Ball

  • Simple but attractive design with interesting gameplay.
  • Many levels and their difficulty increasing like Tall Man Evolution.
  • Simple control with the mouse.
  • Anyone can play this ball game.