Welcome to the Hobo game where you will do a battle with a police officer. Let's take part in the game and find out who will win: you or the cop.

Fight against a police

It can be said that you will become a bad person in this game. Specifically, your character in this game is a person with an ugly and dirty appearance. You have committed a bad act that unsanitary in a public place. There is a policeman who has come and reminded you. The policeman wants to kick you out of the city. However, you disagree and a battle between you and the policeman ensues.

The game has 3 game modes including Easy, Normal, and Hard. If you are a beginner in this game, try the easiest mode which is Easy Mode. The following modes will be more difficult because the policeman has a lot more ability and strength than you. It's hard to get rid of him.

The way to control your character

Show off your punches and kicks to injure that cop. You will need to know the following controls to be the winner of this game.

  • A to puch
  • S to kick
  • A to pick up and throw the items
  • Double tap to run
  • Move with arrow key
  • P to pause