Conquer highways in Highway Racer 3D

Highway Racer 3D is a 3D highway driving game by New Gamer. In the game, conquer the highway in the fastest time possible with your master driving skill.

The rule to conquer highways

Control a car that moves flexibly on the highway to conquer it in the shortest time. There was a lot of other traffic moving on that highway. You move faster and faster and overtake each car to get a high score. Colliding with any other vehicle will cause your car to be damaged and degraded. Safe to the finish is when you become the winner. There are many highways specially designed for you. Ready for race time!

The way to control the car

  • The up arrow key = Move the car and accelerate
  • The left arrow key = Turn left
  • The right arrow key = Turn right

Attractive customization features

  • It's easy to customize the color of the car with available colors like yellow, black, and white. If you want your car to have a more attractive color, unlock other colors with your score.
  • Wheels and some parts of the car can also be tweaked for the better. Some parts are already available and some parts require you to unlock to use.
  • You can also join the highway driving game with a brand-new and cooler car. In the Menu section of the game, there is a proposal to buy new cars. Unlock them and experience them.