Helix Jump is an online jumping challenge game. By supporting a ball fall to the bottom of a spiral maze in this classic game, you will get a lot of fun.

The objective of the Helix Jump game

There is a spiral maze and a ball in this game. The goal of the game is to help the ball escape from this spiral maze. To accomplish this task, the ball must touch the ground. However, the ball was at the top of the maze. If you want to escape from it, you must control it so that the ball passes through the crevices of this spiral maze.

The ball's feature is to always jump. So while the ball is jumping, hold the left mouse button and rotate this spiral maze. The ball jumps and falls through the crevices of the maze and I believe you will be able to help the ball out of it soon.

Difficulty in Helix Jump

This maze also has its pitfalls. The red areas in the maze are dead zones. If the ball accidentally lands on that area, it will no longer be able to move. The game also ends when the ball can no longer jump. What's more, the deeper the fall, the smaller the crevices, and the denser the dead zone appears. That's why you need to be careful. After completing the release of the ball, go to Cuphead to help the two brothers Cuphead and Mugman pay the debt to the Devil. Good luck!