The Happy Wheels game will give you the same feeling as its name. Play this game and let us know if you can conquer the deadly roads and become the difference.

What is Happy Wheels?

This game presents a dangerous and deadly challenge and players can fall right at the beginning. Besides, extremely few players can make their characters has a long life in this game.

In specific, a person in a wheelchair will be guided by you through the streets. These roads are extremely dangerous with bombs, sharp obstacles, etc. Besides, you also have to help the character go uphill, downhill, or rush over a broken bridge or a rope bridge. There are many other challenges that you must face as you go further.

More information about the Happy Wheels game


When playing this game, difficulties and challenges from many aspects will make you stop playing early. They come from obstacles, uneven roads, or even wheelchair controls. You may have to practice this game a few times to get a good grasp of the controls.


The graphics are simple and interesting, but catch the eye of the player. When your character collides with deadly obstacles, your character will fall and blood will flow.