Hand or Money is a hypercasual game with an interesting gameplay. Getting all the money without your virtual hand getting hurt is your mission in this game.

Information about the Hand or Money game

The interesting gameplay

When you enter this game, you will see a virtual hand, a guillotine, and a stack of money. This guillotine is always active and lies between the hand and the money. Your task is to control the hand to get the money behind the guillotine. However, because the guillotine is always on, your hand is very vulnerable. If this happens, you will be able to continue your quest. This means that you do not complete the task in this Hand or Money game. Therefore, you must come up with strategies to be able to complete the task to get all the money.

Game control

Left click or tap to launch your virtual hand. With each click, the hand can get a bill. Therefore, to get all the money, you have to click many times.

Tips to complete the task

The game has no time limit for you to complete the task. Therefore, you can completely observe how the guillotine works first. Then you will start taking money. The guillotine in each level in this game has a different way of working. Therefore, you need to be careful to win.