Escaping from grandma monster's house in the horror Granny game is a difficult task. Let's see if you can survive the grandma chase or die under her attack.

The context and mission of Granny

When you join this horror game, you are locked in the spooky house of grandma monster. Even though you find out the exit door, the door was locked, and you couldn't get out. It is worse than the owner of the house, the grandma, has discovered your existence. As a result, this creepy grandma is looking for you with the intent of killing you. The only way to escape from this horrible place is to find the key to the exit door.

Some more information for players to play

  • To find the key, you must explore this horrible house. Move from room to room in search of hints. Do not miss any details because a small item can also help you.
  • When the grandma monster finds you, run fast or hide in hidden corners like cabinets or under the bed. After that, wait for it to leave and you continue your journey.
  • You need to be careful when putting objects in soft places to avoid making sounds. The monster has very good hearing. If it hears any sound, it will come immediately.