Information about Go Kart Go Ultra

What is Go Kart Go Ultra?

Go Kart Go Ultra is an exciting action racing game featuring eccentric animals. In the game, you will become one of those animals and conquer the tracks.

Let's start with the first race at Old Station. Choose your character, wait for the signal light, and start the kart race. Are you ready to show off your driving skills? Your goal is to pass all the remaining players to the finish line first. It's better if you collect as many stars as possible along the racing track.

How to control: Use the arrow keys to control the movement of the kart.

Developers and release date

This game is from Xform which is a game development studio. This 3D racing game is developed in 2019.

Features of the game that you should know


The game provides a lot of eccentric animals. However, Rhino Bert, Albert con Schwein, and Freddy Flamingo are three available characters. Other eccentric animals require you to unlock them with your stars. The more exotic and capable the animals are, the more stars you have to spend to unlock them.


There is a variety of obstacles and hurdles in this kart racing game. wooden crates stacked at any position on the track. You may also encounter tornadoes or puddles. Try your best so that your karts don't collide with them.

Racing tracks

The game also offers many different types of racing tracks. Each track has its own characteristics that you cannot ignore. You have to complete each track one by one to be able to participate in kart racing on the next track. The 9 tracks in this game are Old Station, Central Park, Watermill Mine, Sacred Grounds, Mexican Village, Ractracks, Candy Mountains, Treetops, and Fireland.