Get the finishing line in the Getaway Shootout game

Welcome to an interesting shooting and racing game called Getaway Shootout. Defeat your opponents on the track to become the first finisher in the game.

The mission

Each player participating in this game will be equipped with a gun and then participate in a thrilling race. Starting from the starting point, experiencing many challenges from the environment as well as your opponents to reach the destination as soon as possible. Those are what you have to do in this game.

Challenges in the shooting and racing game

It sounds easy to achieve this goal, but in fact, it is completely the opposite. The player's character is quite interesting and its moving activity is mainly dance. Control jump left, right, and jump forward to move the character. It is quite difficult to balance the character. The map of the area has many obstacles such as transportation, building, and more. Therefore, moving also becomes more difficult when they have to overcome them. Finally, the last and most important difficulty in this game is your opponents.

It is not natural that this game gives your character a gun. You and your opponent will use this gun to destroy your opponent on the track. As such, your opponent will become less and your chances of winning will be higher. If you destroy all the opponents, it means that you are the winner.

One-player mode and two players

When accessing this game, you will immediately see two game modes including one-player and two players. Choose a one-player mode to play with your computer or select two players to experience Getaway Shootout with friends. The player uses W and E to jump left and right. Press R Key to use Power-up. The second player uses the I, O, and P Keys to perform the same control.