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Geometry Dash Speed Racer

In the Geometry Dash Speed Racer game, you will race at a fast speed while ensuring your character does not have any collision with obstacles.

Overview of the game

Welcome to a game in the Geometry Dash series created by ZenthicAlpha. The game called Geometry Dash Speed Racer has revealed your amazing speed and rhythm sound experience in this game. Rated at the Easy Demon level with 10 stars, you will surely have an unforgettable experience with this demon level.

How to play

Compared to other Demon levels, this game is rated as the easiest demon level. However, it is still a great challenge for players to overcome obstacles at a fast speed to reach the finish line. In particular, the game will become increasingly difficult as speed portals appear frequently. As a result, you won't be able to react to your character's sudden increase in movement speed. This feature is quite similar to that of Geometry Dash Lite. Therefore, you need to pay attention to remember and focus on the speed gates to get ready for a new race. The level synchronization in this game will also give you interesting challenges.

Control: Use your mouse to click the screen or press space bar to play.