Welcome to a new version of the Geometry Dash series called Geometry Dash Retray created by DiMaViKuLov26. Play the game while enjoying a lot of pixel art and effects throughout the level.

As everyone knows, this game is designed based on the original version of Geometry Dash which belongs to the scratch game genre. It became one of the most loved games in the world and is still a stormy game in the online gaming world. To know more about this game, we first learn about Geometry Dash.

Geometry Dash

Released on August 13, 2013 by Robert Topala, this game gives players a sense of the geometric world along with exciting rhythmic sounds. The player's task is to control the movement of a geometric cube so that it does not collide with obstacles.

Interesting things about Geometry Dash Retray

The gameplay and controls of this game are similar to Geometry Dash. However, it is considered an easier level than the previous version. The running speed of the character in the game is moderate at the beginning of the game. In addition, you will soon be able to experience different characters in this version. Cube, ball, ship, wave, and UFO segments are waiting for you to enjoy.

Geometry Dash Retray created a small wave of excitement in the community thanks to its classic style design, simple gameplay, and interesting mechanics. If you are a fan of the genre, don't miss this game version.