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Geometry Dash Lite

About Geometry Dash Lite


Play Geometry Dash Lite and participate in the exciting race. You control a block to run through countless obstacles and complete the set distance.

Geometry Dash Lite is a thrilling running game, where you will have to run through countless obstacles. Obstacles such as spikes and puddles will appear frequently to stand in your way. You have to be really alert to be able to overcome these obstacles. This game also stratifies the difficulty through levels. Currently, this game has 15 levels with different difficulties. Get ready for the challenge in this game. In case you want to play games of the same genre, access our website and play Avatar Game.

Stages of the game.

The distance that you have to complete will have to be divided into different stages. There are 4 main stages and 3 checkpoints. In the early stages, you will face fixed obstacles so you can prepare in advance. After passing the checkpoint, you will be taken to stage 2 where you will fly the plane through fixed obstacles. In stage 3, you will face unstable obstacles. These obstacles only appear when you get close to them. Stage 4 is a combination of stage 2 and stage 3, you will fly the plane through unstable obstacles.

Play Geometry Dash Lite

You control the mouse to help your character overcome obstacles. You jump when encountering obstacles such as spikes and puddles. When facing the platforms in the air you click repeatedly to be able to jump over them. In case you are a new player, go to the settings to reduce the speed of the game. In addition, you can also turn on the self-created checkpoint mode so that the distance you travel is saved and you can play the game from the checkpoint.

How to control: Use the mouse to control your character.