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Geometry Dash DorabaeBasic4

Geometry Dash DorabaeBasic4 is a running game that promises to give you hours of thrilling action across the platform. Get ready to run now!

Overview of Geometry Dash DorabaeBasic4

Developer of the game

The game developer Dorabae is the one who created this game. This game is classified as normal when it is rated 3 stars. Part of the popular Dorabae-Basic series, it is the first level to be included in the Map Pack.

The graphics and sound effects

The graphics in the game are designed to be sharp and stunning. The images in the game are harmonious and eye-catching. This shows the meticulousness and care of the maker for this game. In addition, the sound of the game is very dynamic and attractive. Like Geometry Dash Lite, each rhythm of the sound effect matches with each dance of the cube character making you have a great experience in this game.

Important points in Geometry Dash DorabaeBasic4 that you need to know

  • Colliding with blocks or sharp obstacles in the platform will cause your character to crumble and the game is over. However, you can jump and run on those blocks without any effect.
  • The most important thing is accuracy and timing. You must have a keen sense of time and distance so that you control your cube character to jump at the right time. If you control your character to jump at the wrong time, your character will be able to jump into sharp obstacles and die.
  • 1 minute 21 seconds is the total running time of the level. In that seemingly short time, you will experience many different emotions when encountering different levels of difficulty.